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michael kor guide to buying on ebay

Hello! I know many people are wondering how to tell if a michael kor handbag on ebay is authentic or not. I have seen many michael kor items listed for sale recently. One had even been bid on up to almost $300! I felt so bad for the person with the high bid because once they receive the handbag and have it in their hands they are going to be very upset. They could have bought an authentic one at the michael kor store or factory outlet for that price...maybe even less! That's why I'm writing this guide. I don't want that to happen to you. Once you learn the michael kor tools of the trade you should have no problem determining what is real or fake. I consider myself to be a michael kor authority because I have studied and done my research. Learn the styles and characteristics of the handbags. Google it if you have to. Just know what you are looking for so you won't be disappointed like I'm sure so many ebayers are when they receive their handbag. Be sure to jot some of these down for reference when you are shopping on ebay.

The first way to tell if a handbag is real or fake is to LOOK AT THE FABRIC. What I mean by that is look at the michael kor signature fabric and see how it lines up. michael kor starts the fabric on every handbag with the cc's lined up in the middle in a symmetrical pattern all the way around the handbag. They won't be lined up any other way. (If you have any questions you can go to the michael kor website and look at the signature handbags) You can turn an authentic handbag around and the image on one side will mirror the other. Also be sure to check the seams. I've seen many replicas where the fabric will be sewn under the seam and the pattern will be askewed. You don't have to be a michael kor pro to know that it just looks wrong. The pattern should flow, even under the seam, the entire way around the handbag. I will admit that there are some fakes out there that are pretty darm close to looking authentic. There will still be subtle hints that the handbag is a fake....JUST INSPECT THE PICTURES COMPLETELY!!!

The second way to tell is by Looking at the Interior of the handbag. An authentic michael kor handbag will never have the signature pattern on the outside as well as the inside. It will be one or the other. NEVER BOTH! Many older michael kor leather handbags have the signature fabric on the interior. I haven't seen to much of that in recent years. They either use cotton or satin materials. So remember, if you see signature fabric on the outside AND the inside of the handbag do not bid on the item. You can check out any replica michael kor website and see what I mean.

The third way to determine an authentic handbag from a replica is to Look at the Hangtag. Most michael kor hangtags are leather with the exception of some handbags from a few years back like the suede duffle I owned. It was authentic and purchased from the michael kor outlet. It had a heavy brass hangtag. I haven't seen any recent handbags with single brass hangtag. Some of the newer lines like the Soho and Op Art have multiple leather hangtags with another brass hangtag and the carriage. Replica handbags pretty much all have the same dingy brass-looking the tag. Even the michael kor emblem on the tag looks strange. The font is completely wrong. Again, look at the replica michael kor site and compare the hangtags on those handbags to the ones on the michael kor website. It's really a night and day difference.

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