reviews is currently specialized in the purchase and sale of used or vintage  Louis Vuitton items, Other brands like Chanel, Hermes, and Botega ,it just has about 100 products on this site.i dont found they do offer returns if people don't like the item, but I hear so many bad stories of people getting scammed.

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The pictures of these replica purses are not made in the same photographic style. Some have a white background while some have a grey one, and others have a black scenery. This only points out that the pictures weren¡¯t taken in the same studio. Still, all the pictures have the same company name. And even tough, each product has numerous images from various angles, these are not very clear. You cannot see all the important small details of these replica bags.

I like the fact that all the fake purses have unique descriptions that are written with the purpose of clearly explaining to any potential customer the quality of these knockoffs. The descriptions are detailed, but precise and manage to include all the important technicalities and specifications of these products.

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